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The following article contains important news about solar & renewable energy in Texas and across America from the month of August 2018. Contact the leading solar company in Texas – Alba Energy – to learn about saving money by powering your home or business with clean, unlimited solar energy.

August News Solar Energy In Texas

Alba Energy: Texas Residents Can Earn Free Power For A Year Under New Solar Promotion

Alba Energy is proud to introduce a new promotion beginning in August! New customers who sign up to go solar can earn 1 year worth of free power (finance costs + electricity bills). Your energy bills are on Alba! Learn more at https://albaenergy.com/free-power-solar-promotion/

*Certain conditions and exclusions apply. Not available in all markets, pending credit approval and qualifying home factors.

Digital Trends: Solar Powered Aircraft Breaks Record For Longest Flight

Solar-powered aircraft offer an intriguing glimpse of what the future of aviation could look like. Take, for example, the new Airbus Zephyr that just flew for a record-breaking 26 days straight. The unmanned aircraft offers what what Airbus describes as “local satellite-like services” and runs on solar power. It operates in the stratosphere at an average altitude of 70,000 feet. The achievement smashes the previous record — set by an earlier Zephyr prototype several years ago — by 11 days.

Baptist Standard: San Antonio church goes green, gains green with solar panels

Members of the Baptist Temple in San Antonio are expressing their commitment to environmental stewardship with the installation of solar panels atop the church roof. Under a solar leasing arrangement, the Baptist Temple will earn money for the value of energy produced by the new system in exchange for renting their roof space. They received energy bill credits of $350 in May and $540 in June.

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Community Impact: Bottom Line Drives Georgetown’s Switch To Solar & Wind Power

Watch out Austin, Georgetown Texas just became the largest U.S. city to produce all of its electricity from renewable sources! Austin has the goal of reaching 55 percent renewable energy by 2025, while Georgetown is now operating at 100% thanks to recently completed solar and wind farms in West Texas. Georgetown Mayor Dale Ross sought out energy from renewable power plants to eliminate price volatility and lock-in low, consistent costs. “It’s a win for economics and a win for the environment,” Ross said.

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