These are the BIGGEST solar farms in Texas

A new cash crop is blooming in Texas! In addition to rooftops across the state being covered with solar panels, land owners are designating portions of their properties to be blanketed with solar on the ground.

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    ERCOT, the state’s power grid operator, expects the number of Texas solar farms to double over the next 4 years to help replace coal plants and meet new demand. One megawatt of solar (1 MW) can typically power 200 homes on the hottest Texas days during “peak demand,” and 500 homes on average days during normal demand.

    Here are some of the BIGGEST solar farms in Texas

    Credit: Luminant/Google Images

    Upton Solar Farm-2

    West Texas
    212.5 MW

    Officially turned ‘on’ in June of 2018, the Upton 2 Solar Farm is now the largest solar power plant in Texas. Owned by by Vistra Energy subsidiary Luminant, this new solar farm covers nearly 1,900 acres — roughly the equivalent of 1,424 football fields! 718,000 solar panels were used in this 212.5 MW-DC project. With its generation capacity, the installation has enough energy to power approximately 56,700 average residences in the market during normal weather conditions — and 27,700 during periods of peak demand.

    Credit: Ken James/Bloomberg

    Buckthorn Solar Farm

    Pecos County, Texas
    202 MW

    Owned by NRG, the Buckthorn Solar Farm, which is slated for completion sometime in 2018, would make the city of Georgetown the largest municipality in the nation powered solely by renewable sources. 

    Credit: Recurrent Energy

    Roserock Solar Farm

    Pecos County, Texas
    212 MW

    Completed in Q4 2016, the Roserock solar facility was built on 1,300 acres in Pecos County, Texas, and consists of approximately 700,000 Canadian Solar photovoltaic solar modules mounted on single axis trackers.

    This solar farm will provide electricity to Austin Energy under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Southern Power and Recurrent Energy, a subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. The project is expected to generate enough solar energy to power the average energy needs of approximately 30,000 Texas homes.

    Roserock is the second largest solar power plant in Texas (#1 is the 212.5 MW Upton 2 project mentioned above).

    East Pecos Solar Facility

    Pecos County, Texas
    120 MW

    Completed in April 2017, the East Pecos solar farm is located on approximately 1,000 acres in Pecos County. The project uses approximately 1.2 million of First Solar’s thin-film, photovoltaic solar modules mounted on single-axis trackers.

    The electricity and associated renewable energy credits generated by the facility will be sold under a 15-year power purchase agreement with Austin Energy.

    Castle Gap Solar Farm

    Upton County, Texas
    116 MW

    The Castle Gap solar facility spans nearly 800 acres in West Texas using approximately 485,000 photovoltaic solar modules. Another project from SunEdison, this project was originally designed to send power to Dallas-based Luminant.

    On sunny days, these 116 MWs are enough to power 58,000 Texas homes during normal demand and 23,200 homes during peak demand.

    Lamesa Solar Facility

    Dawson County, Texas
    102 MW

    This project is located on 887 acres in Dawson County, and consists of 410,400 solar modules mounted on trackers.

    The Lamesa Solar Farm was officially commissioned in May 2017. Owner Southern Power will sell the electricity and associated renewable energy credits to the city of Garland, TX under a 15-year power purchase agreement.

    Credit: Mortenson

    Alamo 6 Solar Farm

    Pecos County, Texas
    110 MW

    The 110 MW Alamo 6 project in Pecos County is part of seven work sites which together total a massive 450 MW solar farm network designed to deliver power to the Greater San Antonio area!

    Comprised of nearly 430,800 solar modules, Alamo 6 can generate enough renewable energy for approximately 60,000 households per year!

    Other Alamo Solar Farms include:

    Credit: Carlos Sanchez

    Alamo 1 Solar Farm

    San Antonio, Texas
    41 MW

    Alamo 1 was completed in 2014 by developer OCI Solar Power. This photovoltaic solar farm has the capacity to generate 39 MW of electricity, enough to power over 4,200 Texas homes.

    Alamo 4 Solar Farm

    Bracketville, Texas
    39.6 MW

    Alamo 3 Solar Farm

    Converse, Texas
    5.5 MW

    Alamo 2 Solar Farm

    San Antonio, Texas
    4.4 MW

    Webberville Solar Farm

    Austin, Texas
    35 MW

    At the time of installation the 35 MW Webberville Solar Project was the largest municipal solar project in Texas and the second largest in America. Just a few years later and utility-scale solar installations commonly exceed 100 MW in size, a tell of the explosive solar power growth being seen all across America including Texas.

    Blue Wing Solar Project

    San Antonio, Texas
    16.1 MW

    Located on 113 acres in San Antonio, Texas, the Blue Wing Solar Project send solar output to CPS Energy. The local power utility contracted to purchase the project’s electricity output under a 30-year power purchase agreement. Construction began in March 2010 and included 214,500 ground-mounted, thin-film solar panels on 113 acres.

    With an output of approximately 25,000 megawatt-hours, the facility is estimated to generate enough power to serve the needs of about 1,800 average homes per year while displacing approximately 18,200 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, the equivalent of taking about 3,800 cars off the road. The Blue Wing Solar Project was developed by Juwi Solar Inc. in 2011 and is owned by Duke Energy Generation Services.

    Acacia Solar Plant

    Presidio, TX
    10 MW

    Comprised of around 42,000 photovoltaic solar panels mounted on trackers, the solar farm was designed to follow the path of the sun throughout the day, adjusting every 15 minutes or so to get the most direct sunlight possible.

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