Popular solar panel warranties in the industry

What’s the best solar panel warranty?” is a common question people ask when researching a solar power system. Since “best” is a somewhat opinionated point of view, this article is designed to shed light on warranties offered on popular brands of solar panels.

Solar panel warranties typically cover 10-30 years, and are determined by the manufacturer who makes the product. With this in mind, below we take a look at some of the most common solar manufacturers, and explore the specifics covered by each.

Comparing Popular Solar Panel Warranties

Just like other electronics, solar panels slowly lose performance over time. This loss is called ‘degradation’ and is generally calculated as 0.5% to 0.8% decrease each year. But even at 0.8% degradation, solar panels are still around 80-85% efficient after 25 years!

LG is a Korean-based electronics company and a manufacturer of some of the most popular (and affordable) solar panels.

ou won’t need to worry about not generating enough power, as it is the backup source for power in the event that your solar panels do not produce all of your electricity needs.

The following warranty for the LG 315W NEON2 solar module was taken from the LG website:
12 Year Product Warranty
“LG will, at its sole option, repair or replace the Module(s) if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship for a period ending 12 years from the Warranty Start Date under normal application, installation, use and service conditions.”
98% 1st Year Power Production Guarantee
0.6% Annual Power Degradation Years 2-25
83.6% Annual Power Production Guarantee During Year 25

“LG warrants that for a period of one (1) year from Warranty Start Date the actual power output of the module will be no less than 98% of the labeled power output. From the second year, the warranty for power output will decline annually by 0.6% in each of the remaining 24 years, so that during 25th year, an actual output of at least 83.6% of the nameplate power output specified on the Module will be achieved.”

Additionally, “If the Module does not meet the warranted power output levels set out above when measured by LG or by an independent measuring institute taking into account a ±3% measurement tolerance range, LG will, at its sole and absolute discretion, either (i) repair the Module(s); (ii) supplement such deficiency in power by either: (a) providing additional Module(s) to the Customer, or (b) replacing the Module(s); or (iii) Refund the difference between guaranteed minimal power output and actual power output (measured under LG’s STC) multiplied by the then current market price of the Module(s) or a comparable model at the time of the Customer’s claim.”

Hanwha Q CELLS solar panels are “Engineered in Germany”, offering reliability, durability, resistance to weather, resistance to potential-induced degradation (loss of power), and protection from hotspots (danger of overheating).
The following solar panel warranty information was taken from the Q CELLS website:
12 Year Product Warranty
“Subject to the terms and conditions in this Limited Warranty, HQC warrants to the Customer for a period of twelve (12) years following the Warranty Start Date that the Q CELLS Modules, when installed, used, and serviced under normal operating conditions and in accordance with Q CELLS Module Installation Manual provided by HQC or Distributor.”
97% 1st Year Power Production Guarantee
0.6% Annual Power Degradation Years 2-25
83% Annual Power Production Guarantee During Year 25

“With Q CELLS high quality modules you are covered by a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear performance guarantee. The linear performance guarantee certifies that your Q CELLS module will produce at least 97% of the minimal rated power output in the first year and a maximum reduction in output of 0.6% p. a. thereafter. The guaranteed minimum power output after 25 years is 83%.”
Trina Solar is a popular manufacturer that is known for high-efficiency solar panels backed by another outstanding warranty.
The following solar panel warranty information was taken from their website:
10 Year Product Warranty
“Trina Solar warrants that for a period of ten years commencing on the Warranty Start Date (as defined below) the Product(s) will be free from defects in design, material, workmanship or manufacture that materially impede their functioning, and will conform to the specifications and the drawings applicable thereto.“
97% 1st 5 Years Power Production Guarantee
0.68-0.7% Annual Power Degradation Years 6-25
80% Annual Power Production Guarantee During Year 25

“In addition, Trina Solar warrants that for a period of twenty-five years commencing on the Warranty Start Date, the loss of power output shall not exceed: For Polycrystalline Products 2.5% in the first year, thereafter 0.7% per year, ending with 80.7% in the 25th year after the Warranty Start Date. For Monocrystalline Products 3.0% in the first year, thereafter 0.68% per year, ending with 80.68% in the 25th year after the Warranty Start Date.”
So the answer to the original question is that the best solar panels will last for 25 years and produce a guarantee of 80% or more of their original power rating!


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