Are Solar Panels Hail Proof?

Another common question that we receive about going solar is, “Are solar panels hail proof?”

The truth is, solar panels undergo various hail tests from their manufacturers, and industry experts agree that most solar panels can withstand golf ball sized hail. The top layer of a solar panel is covered in tempered glass, and believe it or not it’s surprisingly strong.

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    Here’s How STRONG Solar Panels REALLY ARE

    Solar Panel Strength Against Hail, People, and Cars

    Tossing Around A QCells Solar Panel

    Homeowner Documents Solar Panels In Hail Storm

    Tests With Ice Balls, Plastic Balls, and Metal Balls

    As you can see from the videos above, solar panels can withstand a solid assault from hail, along with obstacles from neighborhood kids, and the weight from vehicles! In the last video we see damage occurs when using simulated versions of hail made from plastic and metal balls, but the answer to the question is yes, solar panels can very likely withstand golf ball sized hail.

    Worst Case? Hail Damage Is An Insurance Claim

    The other good news is that a new solar panel installation is probably insured from hail damage under your existing home owner’s insurance policy (just like your shingle roof). We recommend that you speak with your insurer and let them know that you’re considering going solar. Ask them if the solar panels would be insured from damage, and/or acts of God & nature. Because of the way solar panels are installed INTO the roof, therefore becoming PART OF the roof itself, you should be covered.

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