Earn Rebates From ONCOR For Going Solar

Details of the 2018 ONCOR Solar Rebate Program have been released, and the Texas-based electric utility is offering cash rebates to home and business owners who install solar panels. Though it may seem counter-intuitive for a power company like Oncor to offer solar rebates & incentives, many electricity providers in Texas have programs that are designed to encourage their customers go solar.

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    Top 5 Things To Know About ONCOR’s Solar Rebate Program

    • Energy created from solar panels is energy that electric utilities do not have to create from their own power plants. Installing solar panels on your home helps you lower power bills, save money, benefit the environment, and also helps the utility during “peak demand” periods.
    • A solar power system becomes your primary power source, with additional power seamlessly available from the ONCOR power grid.
    • Homeowners in the ONCOR service territory can receive up to $5,400 dollars worth of rebates toward the cost of installing solar panels on a residence. A rebate of $0.54 per watt-DC is available for residential customers who install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their homes.
    • This means a typical 10 kW residential solar power system installation would be eligible for the $5,400 solar rebate.
    • Homeowners must use an approved solar contractor (like Alba Energy).

    How A Home Solar Panel System Works

    Locations eligible for the 2018 Oncor Solar Rebate

    Oncor’s service territory spans across Texas and includes 402 cities across 91 counties, making up nearly one-third of the state’s geographic area. The map below shows locations within the Oncor service area eligible for the solar rebate:

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