Saving With Solar Panels In Pharr, Texas

The following interview was conducted with Ralph F., an Alba Energy residential solar customer from Pharr, Texas. Find out how much lower your power bills could be by requesting a free solar savings analysis from Alba Energy of McAllen today!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I live in Pharr, Texas. I was born a town over in McAllen but grew up most of my life in the Pharr area. Once I got married my wife Marti and decided this would be where we would continue to call home.

Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

We decided to go solar because it just made sense. Our sales representative Trae Sepulveda did a great job selling it as well. We loved the fact that we could own our own electricity. The buyback from Green Mountain if we under-used energy sounded good also. And the one year free electricity promotion was pretty amazing.

How much did you know about solar energy?

I had heard about solar before but I thought it would be too complicated to switch. However, i was wrong. Alba made it very easy. 

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What kind of system did Alba Energy install for your home?

Alba installed a 10.2 kW system on our home with 34 Trina Solar panels. It should give us at least 79% power offset each year.

What made you choose Alba Energy for your solar installation?

The one year free electricity promotion was awesome, and their customer service was even better. They were also the first solar company to contact me from the multiple bids I requested.

What was the process of going solar like?

“The process was simple. Alba provided all the steps and we just did what was needed.”

What was the most difficult part of the solar process for you?

The most difficult part was making the decision. Not knowing is difficult but I’m glad my wife and I made the decision.

What benefits have you seen from going solar?

“The greatest benefit is seeing a consistent power bill every month. And only paying $10-$20 if I happen to over use electricity in a given month.”

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about going solar?

It is less complicated than you think, and Alba makes going solar really simple.

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