These football teams are powering up on sunshine!

It’s football season and you might be surprised to learn that your favorite team plays in a venue powered by solar. Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 largest solar panel installations on football stadiums across America, including college and professional teams.

America’s Largest Solar Power Systems at Football Stadiums

#10 Arrowhead Stadium/Truman Sports Complex

Home of the Kansas City Chiefs

Image credit: Kansas City Business Journal

System size: 25 kW, 308 total solar panels

3 solar arrays are in use at the Kansas City Chiefs facilities including on top of the Scout Investment Club, on top of the University of Kansas Hospital’s Training Complex, and on the grounds surrounding the club’s practice facility.

#9 NRG Stadium

Home of the Houston Texans

Image credit: NRG & DLR Group

System size: 180 kW, 600 total solar panels

The 180-kilowatt solar system at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas was unveiled in conjunction with the 2015 NFL season and spreads across four separate locations.

The stadium also features electric vehicle ‘EVgo’ car charging where fans can park in a prime location to charge their electric vehicles during games.

#8 MetLife Stadium

Home of the New York Jets and Giants

Image credit: NRG & DLR Group

System size: 350 kW

1,350 total solar panels make up a visually stunning ‘solar ring’ that surrounds the roof of MetLife Stadium. This custom solar installation powers the stadium’s LED lighting, display system and everyday electricity needs.

#7 Levi’s Stadium

Home of the San Francisco 49ers

Image credit: Levi’s Stadium

System size: 375 kW

1,162 total solar panels

Levi’s Stadium is the first stadium to host an NFL team with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification. One of the most unique features of the facility is its green roof and three solar bridges that connect the main parking area to the stadium.

#6 Sun Devil Stadium

Home of the Arizona State Sun Devils

Image credit: asu.edu

System size: 497 kW

2,072 total solar panels

It only makes sense that the Sun Devils would power up on sunshine…Solar panels atop the parking deck adjacent to the ASU football stadium are one of nearly one hundred on-site solar generating facilities on campus. As of June 2018, Arizona State University features 828 on-site shaded stadium seats and nearly 6,000 parking spaces covered by solar panels. Go Team!

#5 CenturyLink Field

Home of the Seattle Seahawks

Image credit: Pinterest

System size: 800 kW

3,750 total solar panels

CenturyLink Field uses high-efficiency lighting and point-of-use lighting controls in concession stands, restrooms, and storage spaces to make sure lighting is only on when needed. They have also installed more than 3,500 solar panels across its facility!

#4 Gillette Stadium & Patriot Place

Home of the New England Patriots

Image credit:  Wiki commons user Nimantonidas

System size: 1 MW (1,000 kW)

The Gillette Stadium & Patriot Place retail complex features 1 megawatt worth of rooftop solar power that generates clean electricity from sunlight. Superbowl and Solar Champions!

#3 Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Home of the Atlanta Falcons (and SEC Championship)

Image credit: The Falcoholic

System size: 1.3 MW (1,300 kW)

Over 4,000 solar panels have been installed across the Mercedes-Benz campus to harness the power of the sun and produce renewable electricity. Solar panels are installed atop the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) Silver Deck, above a GWCC surface parking lot, and atop stadium entry gates and administrative/VIP parking. Thanks to solar, the Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium uses 34% less energy than their previous facility, the Georgia Dome!

#2 FedEx Field

Home of the Washington Redskins

Image credit: DLR Group

System size: 2 MW (3,000 kW)

8,000 total solar panels make up this large-scale solar array at the home of the Washington Redskins. The project also includes 10 electric vehicle charging stations from NRG’s eVgo charging network and 800 covered parking spaces.

#1 Lincoln Financial Field

Home of the Philadelphia Eagles

System size: 3 MW (3,000 kW)

Using a whopping 11,000 solar panels, Lincoln Financial Field, home to the Philadelphia Eagles takes the top spot for the largest solar power system in use at any football stadium in America. Along with 14 micro-turbine wind mills, the Eagles could save $60 million dollars on energy costs over the next 20 years according to AP Construction, the company responsible for the project.

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