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6.49 kW Solar Panel Installation In Frisco, Texas

This residential solar panel installation in Frisco, Texas features 22 solar modules rated at 295-watts each. The total system size is 6,490 watts or 6.49 kW. This solar install will offset the Frisco homeowners’ annual power bill by approximately 62%, saving them thousands of dollars over the coming years and helping them reduce carbon emissions. Combined with energy efficiency improvements, this project will reduce power costs by 84%!

Alba Energy also helped the homeowners take advantage of current tax policies and a generous solar rebate to cut the overall cost of the system by more than a third!

Working with Alba was an amazing experience. It was like going from the minor leagues to the major leagues in terms of service, responsiveness, organization, and honesty with updates throughout the process. Alba was great about thoroughly walking me through the process from start to finish and keeping me updated along the way.”

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