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7.56 kW Solar Panel Installation In Austin, TX

This 7.56 kW solar panel installation in Austin, TX features 24 315-watt LG solar modules with a SolarEdge Inverter. The installation will provide 83% of the homeowner’s annual power requirements, allowing him to save over $26,000 dollars on electricity costs during the next 25-year period!

In the Summer of ’15, I agreed to have solar panels installed on my home. Months of frustration went by as the company that was to do the project lost employees, paperwork and my patience. I switched to Alba Energy in December, and within DAYS had initial inspection and paperwork done and a crew on the way to install. BUT the most professional aspect of our relationship came when the team would NOT put up the panels – they found hail damage from a late-December (post inspection) storm to my roof and knew that installing the panels would have been a costly mistake (which a neighbor’s company/crew DID make).

The roof was finished that week and the panels were installed within days. The entire Alba Energy team has been an absolute joy to work with. HIGHLY recommended!!”Jeff M., Austin

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