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Why Our Solar Service & Maintenance Approach is Different

Owning a solar system is like owning a well-made car: to ensure best performance, it should be serviced regularly. Whether we built your system or not, we believe that your solar energy system deserves to be taken care of. Our maintenance packages improve system longevity and optimal performance, so that your system continues to run like new.

Scheduled Maintenance

Solar energy systems require less maintenance than grid electricity. However, regularly-scheduled maintenance keeps production outages to a minimum and ensures compliance with manufacturer warranties.

Solar Monitoring Solutions

With remote access production monitoring, Alba Energy can detect potential issues in real time. This allows us to address problems as soon as possible, minimizing downtime and lost production.

Solar Panel Cleaning

If neglected, the efficiency of solar energy systems in Texas can decrease by up to 30%. Dust, pollen and soiling can contribute to significant financial losses. Keeping your solar energy system clean is a cost-effective way to maximize output.

Staff Training

Managing a commercial or multi-family installation? Let Alba Energy’s service engineers train your maintenance staff to care for your solar power assets. By learning how a solar system functions, your staff can spot issues and correct errors immediately.

Suitability Assessments

Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, Alba Energy can provide a free assessment to determine whether solar is the right energy solution for you. We can then work with you to design and install a system that meets your needs.

Solar Inspections

If you are thinking about buying or selling a property with an existing solar energy system, put our inspection staff to work. We’ll review your system with you and generate a report on the condition and performance of the installation.

Our commitment to providing the best solar energy service doesn’t end after we’ve installed your new system. Alba Energy offers solar service & maintenance including:

  • Tailored operations and maintenance plans ensure that your solar energy system continues to function efficiently and effectively
  • A proactive suite of planned servicing visits

By taking a proactive approach to your solar energy system’s productivity, we can guarantee that your system continues to function like new. Contact Us to find out which solar servicing plan works best for you.

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