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One of our solar consultants will be in touch very shortly to find out more about your energy saving goals and help guide you through the options available to you.

Investing in solar may seem like a daunting option, but we will be here every step of the way to help you navigate the various choices available and ensure we develop a solution which is tailored to your individual needs and budget.

Once you make the decision to move forward with a solar power system, we handle everything for you, we’ll just need a few signatures. We will complete any permits required, apply for any applicable rebates on your behalf, work with you to complete any financing paperwork required, and deal directly with your HOA (if needed).

Installation times can vary depending on the speed that permitting jurisdictions, HOAs and rebate authorities respond and process our paperwork. However, a good rule of thumb would be to anticipate the installation to happen 4-6 weeks from signing a contract. We will be in touch throughout this time so you know exactly where your system is in the process.

On-site installation should take between 1-3 days depending on your system size, then a final inspection by the permitting jurisdiction typically happens within 1-2 weeks of this time, and your system is turned on.

We’ll be in touch very soon to help you start your solar journey!

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