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Featured Home Solar Panel Installation In Frisco, Texas

23 Jan 2018

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The following interview was conducted with Phillip M., recent Alba Energy residential solar customer who lives in Frisco, Texas. Find out how much money you could be saving on electricity costs by requesting a FREE solar savings analysis TODAY!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I live in Frisco, Texas which is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I have only lived in Frisco for about 3 years but before that I was in North Dallas so not a huge move. I am married and have 2 young children who definitely keep me busy. For work, I am the Director of Implementation at a software company.

Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

I decided to switch to solar energy for both environmental and financial reasons. I wanted to do my part to help the environment but I also wanted it to make sense for my financially.

With the cost of energy on the rise, I felt it was a wise long term investment to produce as much of my own energy as possible. Even in the short term, I believe I will save money on average month to month.”

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How much did you know about solar energy?

Prior to getting involved in the process, I really did not know a lot about solar energy. Basically I knew that it was possible to produce power with solar panels, but I really didn’t know much about how that works.

What kind of system did Alba Energy install for your home?

The system installed on my house consists of 22 solar panels, which is a 6.49 kW system. The panels are Hanwha Q.Peak BLK 295 watts each.

Click to learn more about this Frisco, Texas solar panel installation.

What made you choose Alba Energy for your solar installation?

I originally worked with a different company and had a very bad experience which ultimately lead me to cancel the contract. I was referred to Alba Energy and I immediately knew it would be a much better experience with an honest company.

When I first decided to get a solar system installed, we were paired with a company called Altaray Energy. We decided to cancel our contract with them because they were very disorganized, not responsive, and frankly dishonest about what was going on (they told me they were waiting on the permits for my house from Frisco for months but in reality they were working on getting setup to work in Frisco themselves and had not even submitted an application for a permit for my house).

Working with Alba was a completely different experience. It was like going from the minor leagues to the major leagues in terms of service, responsiveness, organization, and honesty with updates throughout the process.

Alba was great about thoroughly walking me through the process from start to finish and keeping me updated along the way.”

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What was the process of going solar like?

With Alba Energy the process was very easy for me because they took care of everything. It started with a sales rep that went through a process of looking at my past energy consumption to determine what size system would make sense for my household.

Then someone came out to do an assessment of the house so that they can build a site plan. I was provided the site plan and my Alba Account Manager walked me through the plan and answered any questions I had.

From there Alba Energy took care of getting any necessary permits from the city and worked my current energy provider to take any necessary steps there. While Alba was working permits, I took the site plan and submitted it to my home owners association to get the necessary approval to move forward.

Once the proper permits and HOA approvals were received, the installation was scheduled which only took a day to complete. Once the installation was done, Alba worked with my electric company to do a final inspection to get the approval to turn the system on which only took a couple more days after the installation was complete.

Throughout the process my account manager kept me informed on any updates and was very honest about the status of where things were. Ultimately the process was very easy for me because I really did not have to do much at all.”

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?

The most difficult part of the solar process for me was waiting for the city permits and HOA approvals. This was really the only step of the process that Alba didn’t have much control over once the submissions were in.

What benefits have you seen from going solar?

I have not received an electric bill since we turned on the solar panels but I can see from system monitoring app/website that the solar panels are producing which will lower my bill from the electric company. Although my panels have only been on for less than a month, I can already tell my electric bill will be very low for most months and some months I may not have to pay the electric company at all.

What would you say to someone who is interested in going solar?

I would tell them that to me the decision to go solar was an easy, “no brainer” decision. Not only is it better for the environment, but in my opinion it is a good financial decision in the short and long term. I would also say that the process is very easy because most (if not all) of the work is done by Alba Energy.

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