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Businesses can save money with solar, too!

05 Dec 2017

Posted in Commercial by Alba Energy

We often focus on the residential solar sector in our updates and news articles, so today we’re shining the spotlight on a business in Katy, Texas that is powering up on savings from sunlight.

Here’s a cool time-lapse video of a commercial solar power solution designed, engineered, and constructed by Alba Energy:

The total system size is 26.1 kW, or 26,100 watts of solar, split between a 10.5 kW carport and a 15.6 kW ground-mount.

This commercial solar install in Katy, Texas will produce approximately 35,600 kWh per year, saving our customer in excess of $3,500 annually.

The products used on this install are 300-watt solar modules manufactured by LG, and inverters made by SolarEdge.

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