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Tips for controlling energy bills in the winter

07 Dec 2017

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With the holiday gift-buying season upon us, we could all benefit from saving a couple bucks here and there. Scroll down to read 5 powerful ways to lower home energy costs and save money on utility bills this winter.

#1 Set fans on reverse

We all know that heat rises, but you may not know that you can adjust the setting on your ceiling fan to push or pull heat lower.

A clockwise ceiling fan rotation will trap heat inside to keep your rooms warmer during cooler months (just remember to switch it back to counter-clockwise when spring comes around).

The effect can help you adjust your thermostat +4ºF during the summer and -2ºF in the winter.

#2 Turn down the thermostat before bed

This one may be more challenging to convince your spouse, but by turning your thermostat down a few degrees before you go to sleep you can reduce heating costs by as much as 10%.

Body heat underneath the covers will keep you warm over night, and you can add wool socks, flannel sheets or a heavier comforter for even more comfort without tapping your electricity bill.

#3 Turn down the temperature on your water heater

We’re not advocating for cold showers (though they have been shown to boost your immune system), but be sure to take a look at the current temperature setting on your water heater and turn it down before bed.

The first person to wake up in the morning can turn the temperature back up before hopping into the shower, on the way to the kitchen to turn the coffee maker on.

According to, set too high or at 140ºF, your water heater can waste anywhere from $36 to $61 annually in standby heat losses and more than $400 in demand losses.

#4 Change the air filter in your furnace

Your furnace is designed to send heat throughout the home using a vent that transfers the air which is heated and blown through ducts. Furnace filters protect the furnace (and your health) by cleaning the air circulating through the house.

Check your furnace filter monthly and replace it when it gets dirty to ensure the unit doesn’t have to work extra hard (and use extra energy) to heat your home. Be sure to turn your thermostat ‘off’ before opening the filter latch to do your inspection, and don’t turn it back ‘on’ until you have installed the new filter.

#5 Take advantage of the sun’s FREE energy resource

We all know how big and BOLD the Texas sun shines, but are you taking advantage of it’s heat?

Open curtains on south-facing windows during winter days to bring free heat into your home. Close them when the sun goes down to keep heat inside.

Generate your own energy with solar panels

Save money on electricity bills by generating your own power with solar panels.

Install solar panels on the south-facing roof of your home for maximum energy production throughout the day.

And with SMART solar financing from Alba Energy, you can shave off a substantial amount of your electricity bill with a solar power system custom-designed for your roof.

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