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Latest News Stories About Solar Power In TEXAS

28 Nov 2017

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The following article contains important solar energy news in Texas and other solar updates from across the United States during the month of November. Scroll down to view the latest solar power news, and contact Alba Energy to learn about saving money by powering your Texas home or business with sunshine.

Austin Chronicle: Austin Energy’s Quest to Bring Solar Power to Renters and the Less Wealthy

Since its launch in 2004, the Austin Energy Solar Rebate Program has helped more than 6,700 Austinites transform their single-family homes into renewable energy generators. Participants save money by earning a rebate to help pay for the cost of installing solar panels.

After the panels are operational, a monthly bill credit is applied based on the amount of solar energy generated by the system, which decreases the household’s overall electricity costs. The average participant can recoup the upfront cost of installing panels within 8 to 10 years of installation, with the system under warranty for 25 years in most cases.

Under a new shared solar program targeting renters who want to use solar power, Austin Energy is building the La Loma community solar farm in East Austin, with plans to be operational by the end of the year.

The Daily Texan: UT’s West Texas lands grow greener with solar energy

The University of Texas and Texas A&M together own over 2.1 million acres of land statewide. As the cost of producing energy decreases using renewable resources, the schools are replacing oil and natural gas leases with a different method of earning greenbacks – solar and wind.

Nearly 10,000 acres of land in the Upton, Pecos, Culberson, El Paso and Hudspeth counties will be allocated for five potential solar farming projects, and a few wind projects on University Lands’ property are also in the early stages of development.

KUT: Talk Of Tariffs Is Already Costing Solar Jobs In Texas

A Texas solar farm developer had big plans this year for a 100-megawatt project outside Fort Stockton, Texas, which would have employed 300 to 400 people at its peak. That project is now on hold and will likely be canceled, however, if President Trump decides to impose new tariffs on imported solar materials.

The threat of tariffs started in September when the U.S. International Trade Commission agreed with two U.S. solar panel manufacturers that they were hurt by cheaper Chinese imports. To level the playing field, the commission supported imposing tariffs. President Trump is expected to make a final decision by January.

Texas Public Radio: ‘World’s First’ Solar Panel Mural Revealed

The world’s first solar mural art installation has been completed in San Antonio. The mural is comprised of four solar panels combined to form a 6 by 13-foot mural. Artist Cruz Ortiz illustrated a Monarch Butterfly, labeling it La Monarca — Spanish for the monarch — and appearing much like a large Loteria card.

“I think we have an opportunity now in the 21st century to leave a cultural mark and a legacy for this important time in history as we make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy infrastructure,” a local spokesperson said.

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