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Looking for the top Texas solar installers? Try these websites first!

04 Oct 2017

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Disclaimer: Alba Energy is an Austin-based solar installer with offices throughout Texas. While we’re confident that we’ll give you the best solar deal, and you can request your free solar savings analysis here, we’re also providing a number of great resources below so that you can compare quotes from multiple companies.

You wouldn’t let any average contractor from the Home Depot parking lot remodel your kitchen or replace your roof, right? By that same notion, it’s important to speak with a highly-trained, highly-skilled, licensed installer when researching solar for your home or business. We’ve compiled a guide below for finding the BEST solar installers in Texas!

Utility Partners

One of the best ways to find a knowledgeable, high-quality solar installer is through your local utility or power provider. Every solar system that gets connected to the grid must be inspected and signed off by a representative of the company that maintains the grid. And since the Texas energy industry is pretty tight-knit, people interact with one another frequently throughout the year.

Calling your utility and asking about local installers is the quickest way to obtain a list of solar professionals. You may be surprised to learn that CASH rebates and other financial incentives are being offered by your utility to give you an added reason to go solar.
Many of these rebate programs require that you select from a specific list of licensed installers. For example, here are links to CPS Energy's Registered Solar Contractors and Austin Energy's Solar Contractors List. Visit your electric provider’s website to view registered solar contractors and learn more.

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NABCEP Solar Installers In Texas

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is known as the “gold standard” for installation & technical sales certifications for solar energy professionals.
Now more than ever it is important to hire a trained solar installer who will do the job right the first time, because more new companies are getting into solar and you don’t want them learning and making mistakes on your install.

Lucky for you, the NABCEP website allows you to browse Texas-based solar installers, showing only licensed and certified solar professionals.


SolarReviews is the TripAdvisor of the solar industry. Search your zip code, read ratings and reviews, and request a FREE solar quote.
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Better Business Bureau

One final resource to utilize is the Better Business Bureau. BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust, creating a community of trustworthy businesses and an unbiased guide for consumers. The Better Business Bureau rates companies using a letter-scale of A to F (just like grade school).
Visit the BBB website to find Texas solar contractors, and note that Alba Energy has a 5-star, A+ rating!

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