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San Antonio, Texas homeowners install SECOND SOLAR SYSTEM with Alba Energy!

20 Sep 2017

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The following interview comes from Ronald D., a repeat solar customer who lives in San Antonio, Texas. We’re helping Ron take control of his family’s electricity costs with a rooftop solar panel installation designed to provide 95% of his annual power needs, with a financing package that saves him money from day one!

Having come from a home that I previously had solar installed on (also by Alba Energy) I have experienced first hand the financial benefits of having such a system in place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an advocate for anything that we can do to lessen our impact on the environment, but at the end of the day, having more financial freedom in our lives because of solar is the primary reason we had the system installed.”

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My wife and I live on the far west side of San Antonio, Texas. Approximately 5 years ago we moved to Texas from New Hampshire.

The wife and I closed on our newly built home just over a week ago. I had started to process of going solar months before the completion of the home as I knew that I would have a solar system on the home and wanted it to be activated ASAP. So most of my free time lately has been unpacking and setting up the home. Outside of doing that and work, you can often find me scuba diving the local lakes/rivers. I have a strong passion for diving and I attempt to do it at any opportunity that arises.

Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

My reasons for going solar on our new home are the same as our first home. I’ve seen first hand how having a solar system is a financially beneficial part of my home and I knew from the beginning that I would be placing solar on this home as well. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m an advocate for anything that we can do to also lessen our impact on the environment, but at the end of the day having more financial freedom in our lives because of solar is the primary reason we had the system installed.
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How much did you know about solar energy?

Honestly, I knew a great deal. When you mix my passion for technology and my love of solar you get an individual who keeps track of many aspects of all things solar.

What kind of system did Alba Energy install for your home?

Alba installed 27 Q-CELLS solar panels along with 27 Enphase M250 microinverters. This setup is projected to supply approx. 95% of my homes energy needs.


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What made you choose Alba Energy for your solar installation?

Even though Alba Energy installed my first system, when I began the process of going solar on this home, I actually reached out to seven local and semi-local companies for quotes and discussion.

While my first experience with Alba was phenomenal, I wanted to be sure that Alba was still best. After receiving all quotes, talking with all the reps and reviewing the various panels and technologies, Alba Energy once again was the leader of the pack.

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What was the process of going solar like?

The process of going solar for me is a very exciting one and as long as you’re with Alba Energy, the process is very straightforward and simple. You literally can not mess up the process of going solar with Alba Energy, since they guide you through the entire process from start to finish. They handle the paper work, HOAs, energy companies, finances and everything in between.

They even come to your home and find the best panels both functionally and aesthetically for your home! The process is convenient and simple and never a hassle to experience.”

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?

For me, the most difficult part is waiting for final system completion and turning on the system. CPS Energy has to conduct an internal inspection after Alba finishes their portion of the install, and waiting for the “ok” from the utility is the most difficult part since their timeline is much slower.

What benefits have you seen from going solar?

There are numerous benefits to going solar. Obviously the first and most recognized benefit would be the financial benefits I have mentioned throughout this interview. A properly sized system for your home literally puts money in your pocket from day one.

On my old home and according to calculations on the new home, my monthly solar payment towards the loan in addition to my small energy bill will cost me LESS a month then my old energy bill would have been without solar! That benefit alone is reason enough for most, but I have found other benefits as well.”

The second best benefit is the inclusion of the monitoring systems that Alba Energy installs. I have an app on my phone that is connected to a device that sits next to the main breakers of the home. I can literally see in real time how much power I’m consuming and I can also see how much energy I’m producing!

This allows me to change and alter my daily habits to both benefit my wallet and the environment. By monitoring this app, I have better learned to control various appliances in the home and to make small changes towards my energy consumption.

What would you say to someone who is interested in going solar?

When I talk with people interested in going solar, I typically tell them about the financial benefits that they will experience with their systems. Not only will they be able to save a great deal of money every month on their energy bill, but they are also guaranteeing how much they will be paying for the power to their home. CPS Energy, my local company, raises rates almost yearly and as we begin to go through our natural resources, the cost for energy is simply going to continue to rise.

Every time I receive notice of an energy rate increase, I have no worries. The solar power system I’ve installed has a set price and I know every month what my energy cost will be. So as others pay more and more, I am paying the same and often times making money from the system.”

The second thing I tell them, is about the sale of my first home. I put my home on the market on a Friday and had a full price offer by Sunday. Within two days I had sold my home and realtor of the buyer specifically said, it was my solar system that had him place the offer as soon as he saw the home!

Solar not only allowed me to increase the market value of my home by thousands of dollars, but it also gave me an advantage in a community where homes were sitting for weeks without showings. Solar not only is a financial benefit to you in your monthly bills, but can also be a financial benefit if you decide to move on and leave your system behind.

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