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Innovative, artistic examples of solar power systems with form and function

10 Sep 2017

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Many of us are familiar with solar panel installations with clean, symmetrical designs on the roofs of buildings. These are often the quickest and easiest to install, but for customers looking for a bit more creative solution, scroll down to view examples of unique, custom solar power applications.

Company logos

Target goes solar

Target currently has solar panels installed at over 350 locations, with a goal of adding solar to roofs of 500 stores and distribution centers by 2020. Their solar installs total more than 147.5 MW of capacity. The image above shows the Target “bulls eye” logo shaped by a very creative solar panel installation atop one of their distribution centers.

SpaceX solar logo

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as SpaceX, is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company. Located in Hawthorne, CA, the SpaceX HQ features another innovative solar roof with their corporate logo outlined in solar panels.

Religious iconography

Branding and iconography is not just for corporations. For instance, check out the awesome solar roof the above church installed! According to Google images, the church is located in Salem-Neufrach, Bodenseekreis.

And above is a church in Germany which installed solar in the shape of a cross on their spire.

And here’s what you call “subtractive design” in the form of a cross. This solar roof probably saves the most money – Nice design and functionality!

Solar Flowers!

Smart Flowers

Engineers from Florida State have developed a solar powered “Smart Flower.” Instead of a typical rooftop panel, the flowers can track the sun’s position throughout the day, making sure to get the best results possible. It can also close itself at night and during stormy weather to prevent damage.

Austin SUNflowers
SunFlowers, An Electric Garden is a public solar art display visible in Austin off I-35. Just like real flowers, these artistic flowers transform sunlight into energy. Comprised of 15 photovoltaic SunFlowers, this fully functional solar project absorbs sunlight that is used to power beautiful blue LED lighting at night.



Panda solar farm

Developers in China completed a 250-acre solar farm in the shape of a panda. To create the visual effect of darker and lighter solar panels, Panda Green Energy used both darker monocrystalline silicon and lighter thin film cells. This allowed the energy company to stagger the solar panels in an array that mimics the coloring and shape of a giant panda. 100 panda-shaped solar plants are planned across China and Asia over the next few years.

And above is another panda-shaped solar panel installation located in Asia.

Mickey loves solar!

Animal-themed solar creativity in not lost on America, however. The above image is from a Duke Energy-owned solar panel installation in Florida. The 48,000 solar panels form the shape of Mickey Mouse and, not so coincidentally, the project is located near Walt Disney World Resort.

As you see from the examples above, solar installs are creatively customizable and can provide both (art) form and function (energy production and financial savings).

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