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Roof not solar compatible? Take a look at these options

18 Sep 2017

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Is your roof too shaded, too fragile, or too small for an adequate solar panel installation?

Don’t fret, there are a number of ways to go solar on a property. Scroll down to read alternatives to installing solar on a bad roof.

Solar Awnings

An awning is an extension of an existing structure that creates shade beneath. Think about a deck or patio in your back yard. What if you could create shade and harvest energy at the same time?

A solar awning allows you to do both, and can be installed without adding panels onto the existing roof of your building.
Above is a beautiful solar awning we found while searching Google. The panels provide shade to the windows beneath, blocking sunlight from entering nearby rooms and preventing them from getting too hot.

And below is another beautiful solar awning example, this one illustrating how solar panels can be used to shade a backyard patio.

Solar Canopies

On the other hand, what if you wanted to create a shaded parking structure for automobiles, recreation vehicles, heavy machinery, or other things that should be kept cool and protected from rain?

A solar canopy is the solution for you!
Above is a view of two solar carports designed and installed by Alba Energy for Victory Medical in Austin, Texas.

The complex, single-post cantilever solar carports were designed to provide shading to medical staff and customers who park below, with easy access in and out of parking spaces.

Alba also designed and installed a turnkey solar energy solution for Escondido Apartments in San Antonio, Texas (photo below).

And below is a residential example of a solar canopy installed in Austin, Texas.

Solar Ground Mounts

Another popular option is a ground mount. As its name implies, this application takes place on the ground using rails that are cemented deep into the earth for balance and stability.

The timelapse video below shows a commercial application for a solar ground mount designed and installed by Alba Energy.

Ground mounts are a popular option for homeowners, too, since many backyards in Texas are spacious and sunny. One huge benefit of a solar ground mount is that the panels can be cleaned much more easily than panels installed on a roof!

Below is a solar panel installation in Mission, Texas that Alba designed and completed for a homeowner who wanted to offset 100% of his power bill with solar!

Solar Tracking Stations

Similar to ground mounts, solar tracking stations are installed into the earth, but with the added ability to move to track the sun for maximum energy production throughout the day.

Tracking stations are commonly used in utility scale solar farms, or the fields and rows of solar panels that expand across vast acreages.

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As you can see from above, there are many applications available today which allow you to go solar on places other than your roof!

Whether you’re a home or business owner, you can request a free solar savings analysis today and find out which solution is best for your property.

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