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Power your home with solar for as little as $60/month!

02 Aug 2017

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While many people are interested in solar, many also wonder if a solar energy system for their house is something they can afford. They hear of large down payments and assume that home solar is too expensive…

Though home solar panel installations used to be a substantial financial investment, the cost has dropped significantly in the past few years. The price of owning a solar system fell by over 70% since 2010! There are a number of reasons for the drop in prices, including lower cost of solar panels and an increasingly competitive market thanks to consumer interest.

Regardless of decreases in the price of systems, the fact still remains that solar (like a car purchase) is still a substantial financial undertaking. Just as very few folks are fortunate enough to afford a cash purchase of a car, solar has often been out of reach for many people.

EVERYONE Can Afford Going Solar With Alba Energy

Now that has all changed, and solar is accessible to everyone. With Alba’s new solar financing products, we are able to offer great repayment structures to our customers.

Unlike a lease option, there are three key benefits with our financing programs: 1) you maintain ownership of your system, 2) there are no annual increases in your repayment, and 3) once it is paid off, your electricity from the system is free.

Best of all, we’re offering a 25-year warranty on EVERY part of the system!

Our finance plans start from as low as $60 per month, and $0 down. In most cases you will reduce your electric bill by more than the cost of the repayments. And we’ll even throw in a box of LED light bulbs for your home to reduce your bill even further. It’s never been easier – and financially feasible – to go green.


Contact Us today to request your FREE solar solar savings analysis and find out how going solar can benefit your wallet!

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