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Latest News Stories About Solar Power In TEXAS

28 Jul 2017

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The following article contains important solar energy news in Texas and other solar updates from across the United States during the month of July. Scroll down to view the latest solar power news, and contact Alba Energy to learn about saving money by powering your Texas home or business with sunshine.

Houston Chronicle: Energy Dept. To Track Rooftop Solar Production

Small-scale solar power is expected to grow exponentially in the United Stares in the coming years, and for some sunny cities like Houston, rooftop solar systems are expected to become as big a part of the energy mix as any other resource. A new forecast from the U.S. Department of Energy expects the capacity of residential solar power systems to grow more than 50 percent by the end of 2018, from about 14,000 to 22,000 megawatts.

Environment & Energy News: Will Rooftop Solar Take Hold In Energy Capital?

In the Houston area, Alba Energy has opened a new office to sign up customers and install solar panels. It has partnered at times with Sunnova on financing and Green Mountain Energy Co. as a retailer to handle excess solar power. Sheldon Wilkinson, a general manager for Alba in the Houston area, said pitches for solar include saving money, adding value to a home and helping the environment. Another key point is giving consumers control and the ability to withstand potential increases in power prices.

Dallas News: Warren Buffett’s Billions Meet Oncor’s Wish List In Texas

Berkshire Hathaway Energy wants to buy Dallas-based Oncor and expand it’s list of major investments and innovation of utilities. Berkshire has invested $19 billion in renewable generation with a goal of $30 billion. BHE Renewables has wind and solar projects in eight states, including some of the largest solar farms in Texas.

National Observer: Want To Live In A Zero-Carbon Home? Try Texas

In 2015, the Austin city council pledged to achieve net zero community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, shifting its energy grid away from natural gas and coal to renewable energy. A new $2-billion master-planned community in Austin, dubbed Whisper Valley, is putting zero-carbon building opportunities on display for investors across the state. New homes will all have geothermal pumps for heating and cooling, roof-mounted solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, smart meters and associated energy-saving technology.

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