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Latest News Stories About Solar Power In TEXAS

28 Jun 2017

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The following article contains important solar energy news in Texas and other solar updates from across the United States during the month of June. Scroll down to view the latest solar power news, and contact Alba Energy to learn about saving money by powering your Texas home or business with sunshine.

PV Solar Report: Austin Energy to Boost Value with Solar + Storage

In an attempt to both save money and improve grid reliability, Austin Energy is launching a pilot program which will involve their first large-scale installation of batteries paired with solar energy. Austin’s municipal electric utility is working toward 10 megawatts (MW) of distributed storage and 55 percent renewable energy by 2025. Solar and energy storage initiatives they’re currently building out include 2.5 MW of community solar to be completed in East Austin by late fall with a 3 MWh battery. Under the Austin Energy Solar Rebate Program, homeowners can earn over $7,000 in rebates when they install solar panels at home. Big American Companies Invest in Wind and Solar Power

Corporate power users, along with university and military customers are signing contracts to purchase large amounts of electricity generated by renewable sources. Since 2014, nearly 100 large global companies have committed to transitioning to 100% renewables.

General Motors has struck deals with two Texas wind farms that will provide enough energy to power over a dozen GM facilities, including the assembly plant in Arlington, Texas that produces the Chevrolet Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon. Wal-Mart is about half way to its goal of sourcing 50% of its power from renewable sources by 2025. Furniture retailer IKEA is installing rooftop solar systems on most of its buildings and two wind farms in Texas.

PV Magazine USA: Texas Researchers Develop New Method for Solar Desalination

A team of researchers from Rice University in Houston, Texas has developed a new method for desalination utilizing a combination of membrane distillation and nanophotonics to turn salt water into fresh drinking water. The new technology can harvest as much as 80% of sunlight to generate steam, sending it into a one sided heating element that heats the water to drive distillation through the membrane.

Nasdaq: U.S Generates 10% of All Energy from Wind/Solar for the First Time

Wind and solar energy have been increasing at astounding rates, generating 10% of America’s power in March 2017 according to a new U.S. Energy Information Administration report. Texas and California are the two states with the largest contributions to solar and wind energy, with 13% of energy in Texas coming from wind turbines and solar panels.

Alba Energy Blog: Alba Energy Announces New Solar Office In Katy

In June Alba Energy announced the opening of their newest solar office in Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Homeowners throughout Katy and surrounding cities now have the opportunity to save money with solar energy solutions backed by a 25-year warranty on every part of the installation. Most homeowners can reduce power bills by fifty percent or more with solar panels. A special rebate worth $4,500 dollars is being offered to members of the local community.

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