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What are the dimensions of modern solar panels for homes?

24 Jun 2017

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If you’re doing research on powering a home or business with solar, you might be wondering, “How large is a solar panel?” This article will answer that question along with dimensions, weight, and more popular topics about going solar.

How big are solar panels?

The standard sized panel used on a residential solar project is 65 inches by 39 inches or a little bigger than 5 feet by 3 feet (17.55 square feet). The exact size varies by manufacturer, but this is a common or safe measurement to use in your calculations of how many solar panels will fit on your roof.
Solar panels installed on homes are generally made up of 60 photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, arranged in a 10 x 6 manner.

For a commercial solar application, solar panels are normally a bit bigger, measuring 78 inches by 39 inches or 21.125 square feet.
Solar panels installed on businesses or solar farms are made up of 72 PV solar cells which allows them to generate more energy.

How much do solar panels weigh?

Most residential solar panels weigh around 40 pounds each, plus or minus a few ounces depending on manufacturer. Below is a breakdown of 60-cell solar panel weight by popular manufacturers:

SolarWorld – 40 to 47 lbs
LG – 38 lbs
Hanwha QCELLS – 41 lbs
Trina – 41 lbs
SunPower – 33 to 41 lbs
Canadian Solar – 40 to 51 lbs
Kyocera – 42 to 44 lbs

Other common questions about going solar

Can my roof support the added weight of solar panels?

The roofs on most newer homes can handle significantly more than the average 3 pounds per square foot of weight from a solar panel installation. However, if you have an older roof or are concerned about whether your roof can support the additional weight of a solar power system, talk to a roofing company. A roof inspection can help you determine whether the additional weight of solar panels are a viable option for your home.


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