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Real Power Bills Before & After Going Solar

23 May 2017

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People often ask, “How much money can I save by using solar panels?” The answer depends on a number of factors like your location, your roof, the amount of sunlight your home receives, and how much money you currently pay for electricity.

The best way to get the most accurate answer is to request a FREE solar consultation from a local solar installer, but in the meantime you can scroll down and view a true example of power bills before and after going solar.

A Real-Life Example Of Saving Money With Solar Panels

Donny H. and his family live in Sunset Valley, Texas and hired Alba Energy of Austin to install a solar power system on their property. While you may think that going solar can only happen on your roof, many people opt for an installation on the ground (as was the case with this project).

This 10 kW Sunset Valley TX solar panel install uses a total of 40 250-watt solar modules installed with a ground mount application.

Before going solar, this family was spending upwards of $200 dollars per month for electricity. Below is a picture of a power bill BEFORE going solar, showing they used 2,148 kWh and were charged $235.85 for the January 13th-February 11th 2016 billing cycle:

And here’s their next power bill, this time for the February 11th-March 14th 2016 billing cycle:
As you can see above, they used 1,668 kWh and were charged $177.64, or an average cost of $8.13 per day.

Power Bill Savings AFTER Going Solar

Fast forward one year, after their solar power system was installed, and the electricity bill for the February 10th-March 14th 2017 billing cycle was just $62.93, over $100 bucks less!
As you can see from the bill photo above, they were charged for just 622 kWh for the month at an average cost of $1.97 per day.

April 2017 was another great month of saving money for these Sunset Valley homeowners. Their April 2016 electricity bill BEFORE going solar was 1,489 kWh at a total cost of $150.61. April 2016 power bill below:

But one year later they paid just $47.04 and used only 455 kWh thanks to their solar panels, another $100+ savings on electricity costs! Picture of April 2017 power bill below:

The solar power system that Alba Energy designed and installed for these Sunset Valley homeowners will help them save THOUSANDS of dollars on electricity costs during the next 25 years! And they’re just one great example of many beautiful solar panel installations Alba Energy has completed in the “Hill Country.”
Click to view more examples of solar powered homes in Texas and see how much money your neighbors are saving by going solar.

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