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Is the Tesla solar roof worth the premium cost?

15 May 2017

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Electric car-maker Tesla is entering the solar market, recently unveiling a new roofing product that incorporates solar cells directly into the roof. As is often the case with an Elon Musk business venture, the new Tesla solar roof appears designed to revolutionize both the roofing and energy industries. But is the world ready for it, and can we afford it?

The below charts and calculations were originally posted by, a website where you can learn about solar and compare quotes from local installers. The math assumes a 2,000 sq ft. home with a $200 dollar monthly power bill.

Scenarios And Cost Comparisons On Tesla’s Solar Roof

#1 Installing a new roof and solar

If you’re in the market for both a new roof and solar, Tesla’s product is a better fit for you, but still more expensive than going with a traditional roof replacement and installing conventional solar panels on top of that.

What do we mean by conventional solar? View these solar powered homes in Texas.

So according to EnergySage’s analysis, the roof replacement costs $20,000 plus another $26,030 for the solar install, at a total cost of $46,030.

Meanwhile, the cost of a comparable Tesla solar roof will set you back $50,900.

It’s also worth noting that Tesla solar roof will produce less energy than the conventional solar install, which means you’ll spend more money on power bills if you go the Tesla route.

#2 Installing solar (no new roof)

But what about if you’re roof is relatively new and you just want to add solar? Unfortunately, if you’re thinking of going the Tesla route you’ll still have to pay for the roof replacement, because their product is, essentially, a new roof.
The owner of a 3,000 sq. ft. home would typically install a 8.5 kW solar panel system for $26,030 before rebates. Tesla’s roof calculator shows that only a 6.25 kW solar roof is possible, and at a premium price of $50,900.

The bottom line is that Tesla’s new solar roof will cost $24,870 more, and deliver 33% less energy.

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