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Learn how microinverters make solar panel installs more efficient

17 Apr 2017

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Solar panels produce energy from sunlight in direct current (DC) form, but most homes require alternating current (AC). The process of converting from DC into AC power is called inversion, and is made possible by a piece of solar technology called an inverter.

As their name implies, microinverters are small inverters and are a solar innovation developed within the past few years. Enphase Energy is the world’s leading microinverter manufacturer, and Alba Energy proudly offers the Enphase brand as our standard microinverter.


Side note: When you finance solar with Alba Energy you also receive a production guarantee, 24/7 monitoring and a comprehensive warranty that covers every part of the system for 25 years! Enphase microinverters allow us to give you some serious peace of mind!

Here’s why we like Enphase microinverters

-Generate power in low-light conditions with patented burst mode
-Reduce the impact of module mismatch, shade or soiling
-Maximize design and layout flexibility with ease and allow for ongoing system expansion
-Increase safety and reduce fire risk with an AC system architecture
-Gain installation efficiency with single-bolt mounting bracket
-Deliver reliability with confidence backed by 25-year industry-leading warranty

VIDEO: How The Enphase Microinverter System Works

Microinverters have a number of advantages over their older and larger traditional inverter counterparts, including higher energy harvesting per panel, individual solar panel independence, and real-time system monitoring capabilities.

Harvest More Solar Energy With Microinverters
Microinverters are installed beneath each solar module (panel) on the roof, and they convert the maximum power from each module into standard AC electricity. In fact, a 2009 study using NREL’s PVWatts calculators found that solar power systems using Enphase microinverter technology can improve the performance of solar installations by as much as 16% on average versus standard inverter technology.

Solar Panel Independence With Microinverters
In a traditional inverter-based solar power system, the entire installation can be affected by one module. If there is a scenario involving shading or debris on one of the modules, all modules will see a decrease in power. By contrast, all modules are controlled independently using a microinverter-based installation since each module has its own microinverter. This makes the installation more resilient in the above scenario, meaning a decrease in power will not be seen across all modules.

Real-Time System Monitoring
Our customers truly love being able to see how much power their solar panels are producing. Enphase’s MyEnlighten connects system owners to an engaging interface that displays energy production, system health and environmental benefits – all in real-time. Easily compare current performance against a previous day week or month and view historical weather data to understand variations in performance.

Plus, the newest version allows system owners to share their solar power system production details on their favorite social media platforms with a single click of a button.

For more information on home solar power systems read our Solar FAQs page.

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