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Data shows Houston, Dallas, San Antonio top Texas cities for solar power

16 Mar 2017

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As solar panels become more mainstream thanks to historic low costs in recent years, many people are starting to ask: Does solar power make sense on my rooftop?

To provide a scientific answer to that question, the geniuses at Google have developed Project Sunroof, a program that allows you to input your location and see what going solar could mean for your home or business.

Google calculates the amount of sunlight on your roof based on 3D modeling from satellite mapping, taking into account nearby trees, weather patterns, sun angles, and shade from buildings, trees and other obstructions. That info is then converted to energy production using industry standard models for solar installation performance Google says.

Texas Cities Rank High On Google Solar Study

Project Sunroof has now surveyed over 60 million US buildings in 50 states, and the data shows some pretty incredible things about the solar power potential in America, as well as the top locations for solar in Texas.


Coming in at the top spot, Houston, TX has the most solar potential of any U.S. city in the Project Sunroof data, with an estimated 18,940 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of rooftop solar generation potential per year.

Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Antonio, and New York follow Houston for the top 5 solar potential cities. See the chart below for the full top 10 list.

Sunniest Cities in Texas, America


According to Google, if the top ten cities above reached their full rooftop solar potential, they’d produce enough energy to power 8 million homes across the US!

In San Antonio, for example, 92% of rooftops are candidates for solar.
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10,648 GWh of solar electricity could be generated each year by utilizing all of San Antonio’s available roof space measured by Project Sunroof.

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Not included on the top 10 list, but definitely a great location, 85% of the rooftops in Austin are viable for solar, according to Project Sunroof data. There’s an estimated 291 million square feet of useable roof space in Austin, with enough potential to generate 5,500 GWh of solar electricity each year.

If you want to see your home’s solar-energy potential, click here for Project Sunroof.

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