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Earn Up To $8,500 When You Go Solar In Oncor Territory

18 Jan 2017

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Details of the 2017 Oncor Solar Rebate Program have been released, and the Texas-based electric utility is offering cash rebates to home and business owners who install solar panels. Though it may seem counter-intuitive for a power company like Oncor to offer solar rebates & incentives, many electricity providers in Texas have programs that are designed to encourage their customers go solar.

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Oncor’s $8,500 Dollar Solar Rebate

Under the Oncor 2017 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Rebate Program, a rebate of approximately $0.85 per kW-DC is available for residential customers who install solar photovoltaic systems on their homes. This means a typical 10 kW residential solar power system installation would be eligible for the maximum $8,500 solar rebate.

Please note: As was the case in previous years, the 2017 solar rebate program has a limited capacity and is expected to fill up quickly. The Oncor solar rebate WILL run out, and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis while funds last. The best thing to do is to schedule a FREE solar consultation today with Alba Energy to reserve the best available spot in line.

Locations eligible for the 2017 Oncor Solar Rebate

Oncor’s service territory spans across Texas and includes 402 cities across 91 counties, making up nearly one-third of the state’s geographic area.The map below shows locations within the Oncor service area eligible for the solar rebate:

To Qualify For The 2017 Oncor Solar Rebate:

  • Your service provider must be enrolled in the Oncor Solar PV Program (Alba Energy is an active solar contractor in the program).
  • Have your service provider complete an application and submit the technical specifications for review. Oncor will review the application and let your service provider know if the project is approved. If approved Oncor will reserve your incentive.
  • Once your system is built, have your service provider submit the final application form to Oncor. If your system meets all of the requirements, Oncor will send your service provider an incentive check.
  • Projects will be subject to an onsite inspection before the rebate will be released.
  • Any residential, commercial or government customer served by an Oncor meter is eligible to participate.

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