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It’s Time To Take The Power Back!

10 Nov 2016

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“Can I finance a solar panel installation?” is a common question we receive after our prospective customers find out about solar energy. The short answer is “Yes!” and we are happy to explain how simple & easy it is to finance a home solar power system in the article below.

How To Finance Solar Panels For Your Home

Alba Energy offers a better way for homeowners to install solar panels and maximize their savings. With our $0-down loan, homeowners realize the maximum economic benefits of solar ownership as well as performance and maintenance guarantees, product warranties, and system monitoring.

By financing the system with a loan (or paying cash), homeowners like you can own the system yourself instead of leasing it. With solar ownership, you receive the benefits of the Federal Tax Credit (30% of the total system cost) as well as any local incentives and rebates.

Alba Energy has included the most attractive benefits of going solar, while shifting more of the economics back to you, the homeowner, through solar ownership financing.

Benefits Of Owning A Solar System By Owner Financing

  • $0 down to get started
  • Low, fixed interest rate
  • Immediate savings on your utility bill
  • No lien on your house
  • System performance guarantee
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Prepay any time without penalties or fees
  • Maximum financial return
  • Best of all, YOU receive applicable Solar Rebates & Incentives (instead of a third-party company)


With home solar financing from Alba Energy, you can generate most to all of your electricity with solar panels while paying less money in total. When you pay less money for power, you save money each month!

The Solar Financing Process

Alba Energy has changed the experience of getting a loan, making the application process a breeze. Instead of a time-consuming, paperwork-heavy process, our solar loan application is simple, hassle-free and surprisingly painless. If you’re a qualified homeowner, getting a loan has never been easier.

To get started with solar for your home, simply sign up here or give us a call. We’ll ask you a few questions to better understand your energy needs and pair your answers with a custom designed solar power system for you home – all at no cost.

About Alba Energy

Alba Energy is proud to be one of the premier solar companies in Texas, with local solar installers located in Austin, Rio Grande Valley (McAllen), and San Antonio.
Alba Energy offers BEAUTIFUL home solar panel installations that save money from day one!

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