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Another AWESOME Display Of Solar Power In Austin

29 Jan 2016

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There’s lots of solar power on display in Austin, if you’re looking for it, that is. One such example is the Twin Oaks Branch Library located on S. Fifth Street in South Austin.

Opened in August of 2010, the Twin Oaks Branch features a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (often referred to as LEED) that is both modern and sustainable. The exterior was designed using recycled bricks, rooftop solar panels, and a rainwater collection & storage system. The interior features reclaimed wood and an intelligent lighting system that recognizes when there is sufficient natural light and dims light bulbs to conserve power.


About The Solar Power Install At Austin’s Twin Oaks Branch Library

The south-facing side of the of Twin Oaks Branch features a 25.2 kW solar energy system which spans across multiple roofs. According to design/curial, these solar panels are expected to generate 32,760 kWh of solar energy each year.


Aerial view of the solar power install in Austin. Credit: AIA



Assuming an Austin Energy Value of Solar Rate of 10.9 cents per kWh, the solar power system should save the library over $3,500 dollars on annual power bills!

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Austin Energy’s Support Of Solar Power

Homeowners who add solar power in Austin are eligible for a solar rebate from Austin Energy worth as much as $8,000 dollars. Additionally, Austin Energy credits production from a solar power system at their Value of Solar Rate which is currently set at 10.9 cents per kWh for 2016.

If your solar credit is larger than your energy bill, the remaining credit rolls over to the next month. Any credits left at the end of the year also roll over.

Affordable Solar Power In Austin

What this all means is that it’s a great time to look into going solar in Austin! And you’re in luck, because Alba Energy is proud to be one of the leading providers of solar energy installations in Austin and other parts of Texas. Our footprint across the state of Texas allows us to offer solar power at incredible prices that can likely help you save money from day 1! It’s a no-brainer!


Contact Alba Energy today for a free estimate on the cost of adding solar power to your home or business! Don’t wait – A sunny rooftop is a terrible thing to waste!


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