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Read Why One Man From San Antonio Made The Switch To Solar Power

22 Oct 2015

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The following interview was conducted with a recent Alba Energy residential solar customer, Ronald J., of San Antonio, Texas. 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Dina and I have been married for a many years and have two grown children with 5 grandchildren. I was in the Army for 30 years and settled in San Antonio, Texas. We like to travel.

Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

We wanted to save money over the long term and knew we would be on a limited budget as we grew older. We did not want to have to worry about electrical bills when we are counting pennies. After years of moving we knew this was our final house and therefore the investment was worth it. The federal solar tax break and CPS Energy solar rebate both helped us get off the fence and get it done.

What kind of system did Alba Energy install for you?

It is a top of the line system with the excellent panels. It was a fairly large system for a house but our goal was to have little or no electric bill but not giving energy away. Click to view more photos and details of Ronald’s 14.7 kW San Antonio solar panel installation

How much did you know about solar energy?

I did not know very much but had been looking at it and the changes to the program over several years.

What made you choose Alba Energy for your solar installation?

I asked my neighbor about their system and was actually in the process of contracting with them when they went commercial and Alba took over the residential solar portion. My neighbors were very happy with their system and I like referrals over research.

What was the process of going solar like? What was the most difficult part of the solar process for you?

It was one of the easiest processes I have done with a contractor in many years. Usually when you start a process there are changes or they want to make last minutes modifications. There was none of that. Alba said what they would and they did it. The most difficult part was us making the decision.

What benefits have you seen from going solar?

No electric bill and seamless operation of the system.

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about going solar?

If you are going to be in your home for a number of years, it is a no-brainer.

– Ronald J., San Antonio, TX solar homeowner

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