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Earn Rebates From Austin Energy For Going Solar

20 Aug 2015

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Updated 12/7/17: Austin Energy Solar Rebate reduced to $0.40/W, max $4,000 dollar rebate until the end of 2017. A flat rebate of $1k expected to take effect in 2018.

Are you interested in installing solar panels on your Austin Texas home? You’re in luck!

Maximum $4,000 Dollar Solar Rebate From Austin Energy


Austin homeowners have access to one of the best solar incentives in the state! Under Austin Energy’s Solar PV Rebate Program homeowners can receive up to $4,000 dollars worth of incentives toward the cost of installing solar panels on a residence.

According to their website, Austin Energy offers residential customers a rebate of $.40 per watt-DC, or $400 per kW-AC. You may be eligible to receive rebates for up to 10.0 kW of photovoltaics.

Locations eligible for the Austin Energy Solar Rebate

Austin Energy’s territory covers the metropolitan Austin area. The map below shows locations within the Austin Energy service area eligible for the solar rebate:

To qualify for the Austin Energy Solar Rebate:

  • You must be an Austin Energy residential customer.
  • You must own the property where the solar PV system will be installed.
  • You must own the PV system. Leased PV systems do not qualify for rebates.
  • Solar PV systems must be connected to an electric service panel associated with an Austin Energy residential utility account.
  • You must use an Austin Energy participating company, like Alba Energy.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This rebate has been getting smaller and smaller in past months, and is expected to disappear over time. When it runs out it’s gone forever! This solar rebate program has a limited capacity and is expected to fill up quickly. The Austin Energy solar rebate WILL run out, and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis while funds last.

    No Cash? No Problem!

    Thanks to this incredible utility rebate you may be able to go solar and pay less for power than you currently pay each month! That is, the cost of your new power bill + the monthly solar finance cost may be less than your current power bill!


    Want more information?

    Contact Alba Energy to request a free consultation about going solar in Austin. Don’t wait! The Austin Energy rebate decreases over time which means you may not get to take advantage of the full $4,000 dollar incentive!


    *Learn more on the Austin Energy Rebate page.

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